Supply chain management is not just about procurement, it has to be about how we can increase value in the supply chain whilst helping our suppliers to meet environmental and social standards. We recognise that our supply chain has multiple tiers, some of which are not within our immediate control and that doing business across borders and in some countries with weak regulatory environments produces significant challenges. Our Supply Chain Management Policy is designed to address these challenges. You can view the policy using the link opposite.

We believe that suppliers, and other business partners, should have the opportunity to benefit from their relationship with us. What this means in practice is working together to minimise and manage business risk and improve business practices, through education, training and the sharing of good practice.

All goods supplied must comply with the product specifications established by Spectris and meet our high quality standards as well as comply with national and international standards and regulations. Spectris is committed to the highest ethical standards and expects the same from its suppliers. We also take environmental performance into account when selecting and reviewing suppliers and where possible will work with them to help reduce any environmental impacts associated with their products and operations.

Whilst each supply partner has the responsibility to manage its business practices in accordance with its own standards, values and local legislative framework, we will work with them to embrace these principles with the aim of creating a more sustainable business.

We use procurement questionnaires which include questions on the policy areas when evaluating suppliers. We carry out regular inspections at our supplier sites and use the SA 8000:2008 Social Accountability Standard to assess our key suppliers. We will not tolerate any supply partner who has made no effort to address our policies and principles on employment or who has not taken steps to address the areas outlined in the Supply Chain Management Policy.

Supply chain management policy
Anti-slavery statement