Millbrook Group provides vehicle test, validation and engineering services to customers in the automotive, transport, tyre, petrochemical, defence and security industries. It is independent and impartial in everything it does. It is made up of Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK and Test World in Finnish Lapland.

Millbrook is best known for its test tracks where it performs repeatable tests in a safe and secure environment. Millbrook also has a range of test facilities for full vehicles, tyres and components, including engine dynamometers, environmental chambers, crash laboratories, advanced emissions chassis dynamometers and innovative indoor winter test tracks.

Millbrook supports its customers with specialist vehicle conversions, accommodation in its Technology Park and vehicle-related events in great venues with access to the test tracks.

Millbrook’s employees are passionate about safety, customer service and technical excellence, making them ideal partners at any stage in the development and launch of the vehicles of tomorrow.


Millbrook offers its customers test, validation and engineering services in:

  • Powertrain
  • Safety
  • Vehicle Development
  • Tyre Development

Customers also benefit from support with:

  • Compliance
  • Special Vehicles
  • Technology Park
  • Venues and Events

Millbrook provides test, validation and engineering services which cover full vehicles, tyres and components. It offers powertrain test services to a global petrochemical customer base.

Millbrook Group’s type approval expertise covers all types of vehicles and tyres across existing and proposed legislation for the UK, EU, and other global regions. Millbrook offers a one-stop-shop for expert legislative advice, negotiation with authorities, test programme development, project management and production of technical drawings and formal documentation.

Millbrook has the knowledge and equipment to verify and test that a vehicle conforms to the relevant regulations anywhere in the world. It helps its customers navigate the legislative and regulatory requirements and approval processes of specific markets.

Millbrook Technology Park is home to innovative companies who benefit from access to Millbrook’s testing facilities and expertise, forming an integral part of the UK’s vehicle technology cluster. Millbrook Venues host exceptional vehicle-related events for up to 7,000 people.

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