NDC Technologies is a leading global supplier of productivity enhancing instrumentation and solutions for on-line and off-line process measurement and control. We are renowned for our extensive application experience and after-sales support, with over 45,000 installations in more than 60 countries.

The diversity of technologies offered by NDC ensures that the optimum solution is provided for each application, with products ranging from relative-point gauges to scanning systems. Their high precision and long-term stability permits both monitoring and automatic control of the process to improve our customers’ quality and productivity.


NDC Technologies is structured to serve its key industry segments with two distinct business units:


  • 9927.com
    In packaging, NDC provides basis weight, thickness, coat weight and moisture measurement and control systems for a diverse array of applications in the converting and film extrusion industries and also provides solutions for customers in nonwovens and calendering. For the food and bulk industries, NDC delivers both on-line and at-process analyzers for the measurement of key constituents such as moisture, fat, oil and protein. NDC’s broad spectrum of measurement solutions are used in the food, chemicals, minerals building materials, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries.
  • Cable, Metals and Tubing
    In the steel and aluminium industries, NDC offers advanced solutions for the measurement of thickness, width, flatness, edge shape, coatings, and length and speed of sheet and long casted products.

    NDC serves the wire, cable, fiber optic, pipe and tube industries with a broad portfolio of on-line and off-line measurement and control solutions for the dimensional monitoring of diameter, ovality, wall thickness, eccentricity, length and speed, and other parameters.

In the food, tobacco, pharmaceutical/fine chemicals and building products industries, multi-component, near infrared sensors provide both on and at-line measurements of moisture and other key constituents such as fat/oils, protein, nicotine, sugars and caffeine. For the converting, extrusion, nonwovens and calendering industries, NDC’s web gauging scanners measure and control the basis weight, coat weight, moisture and barrier layer thickness properties. The metals gauging systems measure the flatness, width, thickness and coating weight of flat plate, strip and sheet products. Laser and Ultrasonic measurement technology provides in-process dimensional monitoring and sample/part inspection of products such as wire and cable, fiber optics, metals, rubber and plastic, flat rolled goods, tube and pipe and other manufactured goods. NDC also provides a range of customer service products that are designed to reduce the cost of ownership by helping customers achieve best practices and optimum process performance and reliability.


Well-known NDC brands include the MM710 food analyzer, Infralab at-line NIR analyzer, Moistrex microwave paper moisture instrument, TFG/FG 710 film thickness and barrier layer sensors, IG710 coat weight and moisture sensor, OptiMike optical thickness sensor, Minitrak and Accutrak scanners and TDi Profile Display and control system. PharmaView is NDC’s highly novel fluid bed end-point determination system with a patented self-cleaning viewing eye to allow continuous process monitoring. Metals products include the AccuRay® line of X-Ray thickness and coating weight gauges and the Rometer™ range of flatness and width gauging systems.

The NDC product line also includes the Beta LaserMike brand of laser and ultrasonic gauges, and cable testing systems. Highly recognizable products include AccuScan for laser-scanning diameter measurement, UltraScan for ultrasonic wall and concentricity measurement, CenterScan for eccentricity measurement, LayScan for lay length measurement, LaserSpeed® for non-contact length and speed measurement, BenchMike for off-line sample inspection, DataPro for process control and data management, and DCM cable testing systems for the quality testing of LAN/Data, Telecom and Coaxial cables.

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